Instagram media _tiannag - 🍗🍗
📷 @gregoriophotography 💋 @makeupbynessa

Instagram media _tiannag - Loving my cute romper from @blackfilenails 💃🏽💃🏽

Instagram media _tiannag - Sweet and sour 📷 @martin_depict 
Glam @beautybybeyina 
Tap for details

Instagram media _tiannag - ❤️😘 📷 @martin_depict 
Glam @beautybybeyina

Instagram media _tiannag - 💕💕💕

Instagram media _tiannag - Sweaty 📷 @martin_depict 
Glam @makeupbylucky

Instagram media _tiannag - All that I'm after is a life full of laughter 📷 @martin_depict 
Glam @beautybybeyina

Instagram media _tiannag - Backseat confessions 📷 @martin_depict 
Glam @makeupbynessa 
Tag someone who wants to go for a drive 😊

Instagram media _tiannag - 📷 @ohrangutang @cristinapilo

Instagram media _tiannag - 😴 night loves see you tomorrow at Olympia 📷 @ohrangutang 
Glam @cristinapilo

Instagram media _tiannag - 😇 calendars at tiannag.com 

Instagram media _tiannag - 😊
Snapchat tiannag2 📷 @martin_depict 
Glam @makeupbynessa 
thank you  #olaplex and @biancacolour for my amazing new product and my cut @leerittiner #growingmyhairslowly

Instagram media _tiannag - Got a lot of request to do a meet n greet in New York. I wasn't able to set something up so I am going to do a meet this Wednesday near Central Park at 5:30 for an hour 😊near the Apple Store

Romper @soleil_blue

Instagram media _tiannag - Selfies 📷📷📷📷📷
✈️ New York tomorrow

Instagram media _tiannag - Oldie with @marilynhue 💕

Instagram media _tiannag - 💤💤💤💤 Pic/glam @makeupbynessa 
More pics on my Facebook 

Instagram media _tiannag - Nothing comes between me and my Calvin's 💄 📷 @makeupbynessa


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