Modelo Dolly Castro


Instagram media missdollycastro - In today's #OOTD I will be showing you how NOT to hold your clutch! 😂😂😂 Make sure you have all fingers down and not a random pinky going off into outer space. Feliz lunes 😘

Instagram media missdollycastro - Be your own kind of beautiful 🌺

Photographer: @michaeloliveri_

Instagram media missdollycastro - Night night 💋

Shot by @michaeloliveri

Instagram media missdollycastro - This past year has really tested my strength and ability. I can't even lie, there were times when I would question if I would be able to accomplish the things I set out to achieve, amazed at how high I set my goals and was able to achieve them all. Change is a beautiful thing, it simply means you are growing. Looking back at old photos is refreshing because I'm able to see how far I've come, relive past events and trips. I'm grateful to still have certain people in my life, as well as having built new relationships with new people this year. You can't get those old memories back so I'm so happy that I embraced each and every moment. 2015 you have been great to me now 2016 has to top that by being nothing less than amazing! 🌟 HAPPY NEW DREAMS 🌟 HAPPY NEW DESIRES 🌟 HAPPY NEW DAYS 🌟 HAPPY NEW WAYS 🌟 HAPPY NEW YEAR 🌟 HAPPY NEW YOU 🌟🌟🌟
#HappyNewYear everyone 🎉✨
God bless you !


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